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55th Annual  Bull Sale

Saturday March 25, 2023

It is with pleasure that we present our bulls in this 55th Annual Production Sale at our ranch. We believe we are offering the kind of animals that will work in your herd and hope you will continue to return for more of our production.

Our business is based on long-term, satisfied return customers, and we guarantee satisfaction with every bull you purchase…the best guarantee in the business.  





Scott and Buddy Westphal

2023 Catalog

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Our cowherd was started over 50 years ago, in 1962, with bloodlines from the Michaelis Ranch, the first breeders of Charolais in the U.S. (1934). Through the use of Artificial Insemination and embryo transplants we have added some of the most proven and most popular bloodlines available. Our sires have been selected from the bulls that have proven them­selves superior on the Canadian Conception to Consumer Test and Sire Evaluation Test in all traits, from ease of calving to superior growth. Included are  National Champions and World Champions as well as National and World Champion Producers. The most proven bloodlines in the Breed are represented in our pedigrees for several generations. We have extensive performance records including birth weights for every calf born since 1962. Our cows have been culled for ease of calving, fertility, milk and mothering ability, as well as production index of our calves. We are firm believers in the use of scales to verify what we are producing.

Buddy and Lin

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Our efforts produce animals that will make money for everyone that is involved with them: us (the producer); the cowman who uses the bull and gets higher weaning weights and more beef to sell from his cowherd; the feeder that buys his calves and can put more efficient and faster gain on them and sell them for premium prices to a packer who, in turn, has less waste and more red meat to sell. We fully guarantee our cattle and stand behind them.

Scott, Amy, Jaden, and Jace

Jaden and Lin

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Lin and Buddy

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Scott and Amy

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Jace and Jaden

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